Get access to your corrupt or damaged BKF file yet again

Friday, 17 August 2012 | comments

To secure the data, people nowadays follow the practice of creating a backup of their crucial data. This has become easier with NTBackup utility feature of Windows which allows storing a large amount of data files. It stores data in the form of BKF files that can be used by the user to retrieve their corrupt data in situations of data loss. The issue of data corruption is not a major concern until that data is backed up but what if the BKF file itself gets damaged?

There exist numerous reasons which could be responsible for BKF file corruption such as Cyclic redundancy errors (CRC), trojan or virus attack, BKF interruptions, abrupt system shutdown, system corruption, missing catalog files, unrecognized media error, unexpected power outage, etc. However, as a consequence to the occurrence of these errors the user may encounter the following problems:
  • Characters in the file becomes non-readable
  • Database in the BKF element cannot be displayed
  • Bkf file becomes inaccessible due to virus
To understand the above mentioned situations more clearly, let us consider a real life scenario where a user created the backup of his data using NTBackup utility on FAT32 file system. And when the user attempted to access those files, the following error message popped up:

"[Insert media]
The fixed media is full. You cannot back up all of the specified data to this disk device.
The backup operation will stop."

The occurrence of such error halts the entire work process because the user cannot access the bkf files. The reason for the error is size limitation of FAT32 file system, that is, after exceeding the maximum limit, insertion of more data leads to corruption of BKF file. A solution to this is conversion of file system from FAT 32 to NTFS since the size limit issue can be resolved with this. But this solution does not always work to resolve the matter.

Another situation is when
a user lost all the data due to corruption and on trying to restore the BKF files through the NTBackup utility, encountered an error message saying:
"Backup File Contains Unrecognized Data and cannot be Used"

Single sureshot solution to these problematic scenarios is the use of third party BKF repair software. One of the most eminent tools amongst the plethora of such software available in the market is RecoveryFix for BKF repair. It provides accurate restoration of backed up data by extensively scanning the entire media or drive. 
RecoveryFix for BKF repair efficiently repairs the corrupt BKF archives, proficiently handles the CRC errors and even provides recovery of the backup file created using Backup exec by VERITAS software under Windows, Novell and MAC OS. This efficacious utility is equipped with a powerful algorithm that ensures the maintenance of consistency and integrity of data. Moreover, the tool is empowered with the options of ‘Save Recovery snapshot’ which save the file scan process and ‘Load Recovery Snapshot’ which lets the user to again resume the scanning process from where it stopped. For more detail :
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